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Health Begins at Ali Baba's

Ali Baba’s is truly a “Middle Eastern Canadian” restaurant, honoring many different cooking traditions and interpreting them with our unique, creative vision to fit the diverse Canadian customer. We only use the finest ingredients in our meals, which are prepared fresh daily.  It is always our goal to ensure that our customers have a meal that is nutritional, fresh, and extremely tasty to savour.  Our chefs have years of experience in the industry and are qualified in all areas of traditional and modern “Middle Eastern Canadian” cuisine.  At Ali Baba’s we love to exceed the expectations of our customers at all times.


Who We Are

Ali Baba’s is an intimate and fun place to be. The concept is traditionally appealing, yet a modern restaurant that boasts of a menu inspired from the Middle East. Our appeal to customers doesn’t simply lie in our tasty Middle Eastern cuisine, but also in our welcoming atmosphere, and warm and friendly staff. When our customers are looking for an alternative experience, something authentic, healthy, and friendly, then Ali Baba’s is the place to eat. We specialize in providing our customers with an exceptional dining experience at competitive prices.


Our Mission

Our mission, in partnership with every franchisee and team member, is to provide our customers an impeccable experience leaving them satisfied, and delighted to return. With only the freshest ingredients prepared daily, the experience of our customers is to receive healthy, fresh, and tasty food served with a smile. Our service is fast and efficient, and we are more than happy to honour our customers’ requests when it comes to customizing their meal exactly as they like.


Is Ali Baba's Right for You?

We experience our growth through franchising and are seeking the right business partners. Selection of new franchisees is based on criteria established to maintain the Ali Baba’s standards of excellence and ensure the right fit for both parties.     

Can you demonstrate strong leadership skills and manage a team?

Are you committed to being hands on within the business?

Do you have a willingness to do whatever it takes to make the business a success?

What is your experience and knowledge in business?

Are you willing to follow the Ali Baba's system?

Are you physically able to work in a demanding environment?

Are you comfortable in actively sharing your success and failures to the network?

Would you enjoy getting involved with your local community?


Our Training

Ali Baba's franchisee partners will undergo a training process in order to provide them with the tools required to successfully own and operate their business. Dedication and commitment to training is essential to ensure that the franchisee is familiar with the business operations, receives product knowledge, adheres to the highest standards of quality and consistency, becoming an expert in delighting customers as well as managing a successful business.

Training includes:

• Cooking skills and production management

• Product knowledge and handling

• Front team training and customer service

• Marketing and promotions

• Purchasing and inventory control

• Effective management practices

• Staff development


Support Offered

From site selection and build out, to daily operations, we are here to help! Ali Baba's offers ongoing support and proven business procedures and systems to assist in managing your business to success.  These systems andd policies are continually enhanced to provide franchisees with streamlined, relevant and timely support in all areas relating to, but not limited to:



Human Resources



Point of Sale

IT Department




Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

We give our franchisee partners the freedom, under the supervision of Ali Baba's, to develop and build out the site themselves, should they desire to do so. Otherwise we can build the site for you.

Do you already have a potential location in mind? Please talk to us, as we are here to ensure that every location is stategically selected to succeed.

Are you excited to take the next steps towards business ownership, in partnership with Ali Baba's as a franchisee?  

If so, then please complete the online form. Should you have any questions regarding opportunites with Ali Baba's, please contact us through our online form, or directly by phone, e-mail, or mail.


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Toronto, Ontario M6R 1X3

Tel.: (416) 804 8417